wishing on a daisy this spring

This spring I have a huge checklist filled with my most-wanted FBI spring checklist (well, not FBI...let's call it the FPB: Fashion Police Buys kay?). I spent my time after mere mortal schoolwork to adore my top 5 most wanted products this spring. Now that fashion week is over (*sniff*) I must discuss something other then the silks and suedes that floated down the runway so they don't get old (you might think not, but they quite do, ladies). Without further ado, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!*insert intensifying drum roll here*

Most desirable #1: Presenting Rouge Coco, the modern interpretation of the classic lip creme by CoCo Chanel (the goddess of everything fashion). I drool over this precious piece of cosmetics, so hopefully I will own this in a matter of days (hopefully by this weekend, cross your fingers for me!). I love the shade and how it looks on the lips of the model of the Coco Rouge ad featured on the back of the April issue of Teen Vogue (the part that I look at to relieve the distress from seeing Miley Cyrus on the cover AGAIN! Grrrrrr). I'm grabbing my Carlos Falchi off the table and fleeing for the nearest store stocking this lipstick, I must have it!

Most desirable #2: Gosh I neeeed this! I am the proud owner of every Chanel perfume EXCEPT Chanel Chance, which makes me morn for the day that I get one....my days of morning are over, thankfully. This new Chanel Chance perfume is the original mix of white musk and jasmine only adding the refreshing scent of grapefruit. Grapefruit is probably one of my favorite things to have in a perfume. It's refreshing, sweet, and playful, just how I like it. So, without blabbering more about my fruit scent issues, I'll continue.

Most Desirable #3: Nothing is yummier then the new Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm with SPF 10(don't worry, I'm not a serial lip balm eater, it just smells yummy because it has a rose scent. and i like rose scents ;D). I must confess, I don't use very much lip balm. I guess God wanted me to wait for the perfect one...well, voila! I'm definitely going to be snagging this off the Dior makeup counter. And what lip balm is better then Dior? Not many, I'm sure.

Most Desirable #4: I feel a daisy in the air...could it be Marc Jacobs Daisy In the Air perfume? (forgive for the cheesy pun. fail.) Well, I smelled this off it's ad in Teen Vogue and read more about it. It comes in a limited edition bottle (see the cute little blue petals?). It has a touch of violet (vintage much? we all know already how I bounce up and down for my touches of vintage teehee) mixed into the bestselling scent. Together, the concoction is made up of wild strawberries, violet and jasmine leaves, vanilla, and ruby read grapefruit (yummy, because i already told you enough of my grapefruit obsession...). To put it short (as I rarely do), I need this perfume!

Most Desirable #5: Last but NEVER least, (it's dior, c'mon!), is the Dior Poudrier Dentelle, Dior Translation For Your Information (which we will call DTFYI for now on, my peeps!): it's a highlighting powder pallette with the Dior lace pattern, inside and out. Amazing, isn't it? I think it's beautiful! And isn't everything by Dior beautiful? Yes, it all quite is. I need to acquire this powder, people!

So, there you have it. Me and my top 5. Wish me luck for the search of these epic products, girlies!


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