Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010

Eeeeepppp!!! I'm hopping up and down like I would if I was 8 and new polly pockets came out!!!!! Roberto Cavilli ROCKED IT for Fall 2010! This collection is EPIC to me! It's like a good little mix of vintage and totally rocker edge, it's not just vintage in a "I'm vintage you should think I'm totally adorable that I'm vintage" way or edgy in a "yeah I'm edgy and I'm totally cool and everyone knows it" way. It's totally what I've been waiting for out of a collection. Because quite frankly, I was getting sorta annoyed with the whole 80s trend that covered people in this enormous shoulder pads and pants that went up to your chest. Can you ever take a trend too seriously? So I'm glad Roberto Cavalli made something that didn't stick to what I expected. It's definitely that made me open my tired eyes after 45 minutes of a math period containing a million percent problems. Sigh. If only our school uniform looked like that...

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