practically trendy

This season A.F. Vandevorst took a more practical approach to their newest collection using cardboard as the fabric for their vests and adding chalk stains to their blazers and jackets. The beginning of the show started with neutrals (ex. beige, brown, cream) and then progressed with blacks (adorned in chalk stains and comfy knits) until they finally ended with fierce, warm colors like red, in one red ensemble they added a hood and some lady gaga-ish touches. Even though I'm not one for chalk stains covering my sweaters and jackets, they definitely changed my opinion on practical, almost eclectic collections such as this one. This collection impressed me, as I thought it would be another collection with the plain neutrals with boyfriend-fit blazers and pants, but it really delivered a great collection. I would wear some of these ensembles, even though they were adorned with chalk stains. Hey, maybe chalk stains will make it in as a trend in this new decade?
With Fashion week, anything is possible.



  1. I love this post! I totally agree with you, with fashion week anything is possible. I love this collection too. Lovely blog!


  2. love this post too! You are very good at reviewing collections!