[insert 50s slang here, gee whizz!]

maybe the laptop makes ads look 50 times older?

Oh, c'mon, like you don't spend a half hour looking up 50s ads on Google



the nude blossoms in the valley

Goodness, my my hasn't it been a long while? 8 days in fact? After that absense of mine, I guarantee I'll be on here way more often, thanks to my inspiration to create so many paper dolls that I come to the desperation to make them after a math test (i literally took paper, my scissors, and borrowed tape from my teacher to make one with my single issue of lucky!). But it seems that I always get it wrong...take this one, for example:

I was thinking to myself, "Oh, okay, I'm going to make a cool springy and flowery paper doll" but instead I made I paper doll based on the boyfriend fit, with nude tones and shades. Is this what happens to Alexander Wang or Karl Lagerfeld when they design collections? Because I don't like it, not one little bit.
But what I DO like is the fact that I got the latest Polaroid camera model, which isn't supposed to come out till MAY! So, today I tested it and I LOVED it! So, expect this blog to be infested with polaroids and paper dolls...is that good enough? Hope so, because polaroids and paper dolls take up half my desktop and most of my brain space nowadays...with occassional algebraic expressions here and there.

coco (who pinky swears for more blog posts...polaroids and paper dolls, my friends!)


the amazing person that is karl lagerfeld

This guy is amazing...

Any chance he knows how to make Chanel cupcakes? (gosh THESE are the cupcakes that i want with a fiery passion...they're probably better then Crumbs cupcakes, it's possible)

***hyperventilating!!!******* this bag....omg...*DIES!*

my tribute to Mr. Lagerfeld...
What keeps Mr. Lagerfeld designing?


*goggling at those amazing creations*

[this one DEFINITELY tops the other one!]

Jacket: Oscar De La Renta
Top: Mui Mui
Shorts: Hermes
Bag: Prada
Shoe (left): Mui Mui
Shoe (right): Givenchy

(all from Spring 2010 collections)

*sun shining, flowers blooming*

my first ever paper doll!!!! I think I'll be doing things like this for a while...[and since i feel horribly sick and am at home all day in my Ralph Lauren sweats and tan UGGs, I will definitely do some more!]


these glasses are life

my life lies in these glasses...


tre fabulous, oui?

Last night, as the rain dampered and lowered the temperature to 50, I watched Marie Antoinette. I haven't seen this movie for years, and I couldn't help but have the urge to see some of my favorite costumes in action in the Palace of Versailles, the place I think I called my home in the beforelife (I'm either Coco Chanel or Marie Antoinette, hmm....). I have made this conclusion: this movie makes you feel like a Queen. It has some of the BEST costumes I've ever seen. period.
I also now have an obsession with the soundtrack. Alternative Rock. Now excuse me while I practice my curtsy and listen to The Strokes.



branching out

The fashion world is pretty unpredictable, isn't it? After a couple seasons, we would think that the denim leggings and leather skinny jeans were here to stay, but spring is always a time for change. A time to renew. The little itty bitty caterpillers have to grow up to be butterflies. It's time for you to have a decent spring cleaning in your closet, to give away those awful things you wish you never wore and welcome in your latest finds at the spring sample sales and your spring obsessions. I am quite grateful to the fashion gods that I can take out my free flowing capris and my flare jeans. I mean, what's fashion without a variety (sometimes even more variety then every day life!)? The week of beautiful sun and nice warm temperatures has ended here in New York and now it's just muggy, cold, and uninviting. Oh well, at least more time for spring cleaning!



SPOTTED: My fave Miu Miu couture print hitting Milan!

This may sound very immature, but I am super super dupity obsessed with this Spring 2010 Miu Miu print!!!!!! I especially like the dress shot in this picture. Look at it straight on the runway:

Even though it isn't exactly a print you might wear to school, it is a piece of artwork to me. I mean, you wouldn't display the Mona Lisa on a busy sidewalk in the middle of Soho, would you? Same goes here. It is a marvelous print, and to the Miu Miu designers: I take my beret off to you (since beret is my favorite type of hat, I don't wear Abraham Lincoln hats or fedoras, thank u very much!)

ice ice baby

Unlike the Spring 2010 season of Chanel, this season is all about the very cool and uber chic artic-style couture, featuring revamped fur primitive boots.


moodboard 2

Skirt: Aqua
Book: Paidon, Toulouse-Lautrec
Headband: Juicy Couture
Bag: Unite Colors of Benneton
Shoes: Carlos Falchi
DVD: CoCo Before Chanel
Pearls: Carolle

this also calls for some theme pics! :)



mfa boston

i dunno, but my visit to the museum of fine arts in boston really makes me think about how my style will be like in spring...have these works of art been reading Vogue by any chance?


spring break therapy + moodboard 1 (starting a series of moodboards here!)

Bag: Carlos Falchi
Jacket: vintage Abercrombie&Fitch
Sunglasses: Armani Exchange
Magazines: Harper's Bazaar Spring '10 & Elle Spring '10
Book: Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix (my fave!)
aka, my essentials for a perfect vacation to Boston ☺

Bonjour, my fellow followers, sorry to keep you waiting, but I have been spending a fraction of my spring break in Boston, 5 hours away by my four wheel drive from New York. Although a far cry from tanning in Miami or shopping in Paris, I can honestly say I had a much more fun time then expected. At first, I assumed that it would be one of those totally yawner vacations where you saw the sights once and never wanted to see it again, you’d rather just spend the rest of vacation splurging on Fifth Avenue on that to-die-for Armani bag or Chanel lipstick.
Instead, I had a stellar time window-shopping on the blocks of Cambridge (filled with amazingly unique vintage clothing and record shops!) and wandering around Boston (I didn’t find Paul Revere’s house, but I found the museum of fine arts!). Although the drive to and from was tedious (a total of 10 hours in the car, my friends!), I spent the time reading Bazaar, Elle, and a Phaidon book on Toulouse-Lautrec, drinking complimentary hotel coffee, and taking 5 minute cat naps. It was a nice change from usual too, since it was just my dad and I. Although at first I was caught totally off guard since I was hopping from store to store to find decent fashion magazines, I judged too quickly. Apart from that, I had the best time of my life. It was almost like a spring break therapy.
So, after this “SBT”, I assure you ladies, I’ll be updating daily and be writing better then ever.



put your best tondue forward

okay, so you must imagine for me. imagine you are one of the many preteen girls studying ballet in a small ballet school in France. You have just finished a tedious class and your feet, especially your ankles, are aching from the pain of doing so much ballet on your pointe shoes. you are unlacing them as you stretch your aching muscles, eager for a break. but as you take off your shoes and relax, a man with tousled black hair in a crisp black suit and top hat begins sketching you and your fellow classmates with numerous pastels at hand. he watches you keenly and sketches you, his eyes twinkling with this aura of elusiveness and mystery. Who is he?
He is Edgar Degas. One of my favorite and most inspirational Impressionists.

[insert french title here]

goodness my guess what i have discovered on a certain favorite european shopping website of mine (click here to have the best shopping experience of your life and a sudden urge to go to Paris: http://www.colette.fr/#)? I have discovered Maison Michel headbands, adorned in lace and sometimes decorated with petite cat ears and lace covering half your face. As a long time participate of designing haute couture accessories, how could he not make the most amazing headbands you've ever seen? Some of Michel's designs have been seen on a lot of celebrity singers, mostly a certain Lady Gaga. Look at these headbands and weep in mourning that you must have one:

notice one that belongs to lady gaga? of course, my upper east side court would know ;)


[insert interesting title here]

good morningggg fellow bloggers i am awoken at 8:04 a.m. today with the urge to see something pretty and write about it. I am also not trying to make my blog posts as cliche as anything like "oh that's soooo chic" no. that's not me. i must be original. i must be worth reading. and most importantly, i must be more fabulous then any "fashionista" would ever be, because that word makes my blood boil in misery. so, without giving you any more nightmares about modern-day vocabulary, i give you some pretty amazing peices:

don't tell the fur activists, but i REALLY want this. like. BADLY. It's a seriously epic Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.

Rodarte is quite amazing. I need those gloves to match my bag, ci vou plaie?


the statement shoe

the best of the statement shoe.

oxford shirts & crystal Balmains, absoulte bliss

absolute elegance to me. jak and jill is one of my FAVORITE blogs! I have this obsession with checking them daily, or every hour if I'm feeling frisky. I fell in love with fashion photography :)

'tis the season

okay, so first and formally: happy spring break! it's 10 a.m. and I woke up 6 in the morning today thinking: OH YUSH IT'S SPRING BREAK! and, most importantly, WHAT IN THE NAME IN LOUBOUTINS WILL I POST ON THIS BLOG?!
So I decided to delight you by allowing you to feast on these magnificent bunny ear (minus the delicous taste of chocolate easter eggs) with beading too DIE for!

i will give up ANYTHING for these things! gorgeous, my sweets, just...plain...gorgeous!