inspirationally awesome

i forgive for leaving you all. i was MIA for the past couple days from numerous splurges at Bloomies to just being lazy and watching my favorite old movies. but i decided to get a move on and give you another glorious blog post. for the past couple days i've had some springtime inspiration, so allow me to share some pretty stuff..

now excuse me while i make mood boards and count the days until spring break...


this time we aren't talking about a pop-up card

In the heart of Soho holds a shop that only appears for periods of time in a year but with the best deals on designers like Balmain, Hermes, and Monalo in the whole city: Kiki de Montparnasse. This time, they'll be open from today, March 18, to Sunday, March 21. According to style.com, there will be a special emphasize on the late Alexander McQueen's pieces (with some pieces from his last collection going for $890, half of the original retail cost!). This Soho shop is packed with the latest and greatest ready-to-wear, jewels, and shoes at the lowest prices they come at. Also, during this period, they'll be selling Monalos and Jimmy Choos for a meer $150 (now that is an OMG price for the usual $600 to $700 shoes!). Go and hit Kiki de Montparnasse while you can on 79 Greene Street in New York City! (and meanwhile, snag a pair of monalos for me! ;D)



wishing on a daisy this spring

This spring I have a huge checklist filled with my most-wanted FBI spring checklist (well, not FBI...let's call it the FPB: Fashion Police Buys kay?). I spent my time after mere mortal schoolwork to adore my top 5 most wanted products this spring. Now that fashion week is over (*sniff*) I must discuss something other then the silks and suedes that floated down the runway so they don't get old (you might think not, but they quite do, ladies). Without further ado, DRUM ROLL PLEASE!*insert intensifying drum roll here*

Most desirable #1: Presenting Rouge Coco, the modern interpretation of the classic lip creme by CoCo Chanel (the goddess of everything fashion). I drool over this precious piece of cosmetics, so hopefully I will own this in a matter of days (hopefully by this weekend, cross your fingers for me!). I love the shade and how it looks on the lips of the model of the Coco Rouge ad featured on the back of the April issue of Teen Vogue (the part that I look at to relieve the distress from seeing Miley Cyrus on the cover AGAIN! Grrrrrr). I'm grabbing my Carlos Falchi off the table and fleeing for the nearest store stocking this lipstick, I must have it!

Most desirable #2: Gosh I neeeed this! I am the proud owner of every Chanel perfume EXCEPT Chanel Chance, which makes me morn for the day that I get one....my days of morning are over, thankfully. This new Chanel Chance perfume is the original mix of white musk and jasmine only adding the refreshing scent of grapefruit. Grapefruit is probably one of my favorite things to have in a perfume. It's refreshing, sweet, and playful, just how I like it. So, without blabbering more about my fruit scent issues, I'll continue.

Most Desirable #3: Nothing is yummier then the new Dior Creme De Rose Lip Balm with SPF 10(don't worry, I'm not a serial lip balm eater, it just smells yummy because it has a rose scent. and i like rose scents ;D). I must confess, I don't use very much lip balm. I guess God wanted me to wait for the perfect one...well, voila! I'm definitely going to be snagging this off the Dior makeup counter. And what lip balm is better then Dior? Not many, I'm sure.

Most Desirable #4: I feel a daisy in the air...could it be Marc Jacobs Daisy In the Air perfume? (forgive for the cheesy pun. fail.) Well, I smelled this off it's ad in Teen Vogue and read more about it. It comes in a limited edition bottle (see the cute little blue petals?). It has a touch of violet (vintage much? we all know already how I bounce up and down for my touches of vintage teehee) mixed into the bestselling scent. Together, the concoction is made up of wild strawberries, violet and jasmine leaves, vanilla, and ruby read grapefruit (yummy, because i already told you enough of my grapefruit obsession...). To put it short (as I rarely do), I need this perfume!

Most Desirable #5: Last but NEVER least, (it's dior, c'mon!), is the Dior Poudrier Dentelle, Dior Translation For Your Information (which we will call DTFYI for now on, my peeps!): it's a highlighting powder pallette with the Dior lace pattern, inside and out. Amazing, isn't it? I think it's beautiful! And isn't everything by Dior beautiful? Yes, it all quite is. I need to acquire this powder, people!

So, there you have it. Me and my top 5. Wish me luck for the search of these epic products, girlies!



fashion royalty

Alexander McQueen's latest and final collection premiered at Paris Fashion Week just a few days ago, and this is his best one yet. He was such a genius and after seeing his past few collections I only wish he could make another one. I hope he can design all he wants up in heaven, and I totally adore him as the designer he is. He really innovated and changed the fashion world, creating new ideas that nobody would ever dream of executing. He did what everyone else wouldn't dream of doing.
R.I.P Alexander McQueen



boho me, baby

I've always been a big fan of the chic Italian brand Kenzo, ever since I got my school shoes from them! I have an amazing pair of sneakers from Kenzo, and they're simply amazing. But most of all, I adore the Kenzo ready-to-wear this season. I've never been a huge fan of boho, but this sort of made me think twice of criticizing it. The way Kenzo used warm fabrics and prints for a lot of the outfits was simply perfect, and I couldn't have put together a better outfit if I tried. I especially loved the chic fedora hats that looked like they came from the models' boyfriends and the amazing silk floral-print scarves in warm colors like orange and cream. I think after this collection Fedora hats and scarves will really make a comeback as a trend, just accessories in general! The layering was done perfectly in this collection, so I think after what they did everyone will want one of those fedoras and scarves. And now you will behold my amazing Kenzo sneakers :) i had them 4 a while, they're just my fave pair of sneakers! they're so comfy and stylish! and i think this season they actually did kind of a repeat of the print on them..


shimmer down

Even though many red-carpet celebs are fans of Azzaro, this season they had a practical approach to their collection with everyday clothes that were pretty wearable for everyone (and I mean actually wearable this time, anyone could wear them). The beginning started with casuals like blazers, summer dresses, and pencil skirts, and as the collection continued, you found things that you would definitely find at movie premiers and A-list parties (worn by only your fave celebs, of course!). I loved all the cute frilly summer dresses and the fierce evening dresses, all of it came together very well. Seeing the whole thing was really a good morning for me. I'll definitely look forward to seeing more Azzaro the next season.


in wonderland

To me Tsumori Chisato's Fall 2010 collection reminded me of some kind of wonderland, as it was inspired by pierrot dolls, gypsies, and circus performers with rich colors and fabrics displaying the inspirations in a fabulous way. Even though I was and still am tired from the terribly long road trip to Worcester, MA and back (with making a pit stop at Hartford to see an amazing gallery), I was more then happy to post some of these magnificent designs from a designer I barely have a clue about. I loved the amazing patterns and prints paired with amazing fabrics in the collection, it was really a lot of fun to look at. It was sort of like candy for the eye, it really twisted my imagination and I really do think this is one of my favorite collections of Fall 2010, and unlike a lot of collections to see, this one is probably memorable. A collection that by two more seasons I'll be saying, "I can't wait to see the next Tsumori Chisato collection, it looked amazing 2 seasons ago. What will it be like now?"


practically trendy

This season A.F. Vandevorst took a more practical approach to their newest collection using cardboard as the fabric for their vests and adding chalk stains to their blazers and jackets. The beginning of the show started with neutrals (ex. beige, brown, cream) and then progressed with blacks (adorned in chalk stains and comfy knits) until they finally ended with fierce, warm colors like red, in one red ensemble they added a hood and some lady gaga-ish touches. Even though I'm not one for chalk stains covering my sweaters and jackets, they definitely changed my opinion on practical, almost eclectic collections such as this one. This collection impressed me, as I thought it would be another collection with the plain neutrals with boyfriend-fit blazers and pants, but it really delivered a great collection. I would wear some of these ensembles, even though they were adorned with chalk stains. Hey, maybe chalk stains will make it in as a trend in this new decade?
With Fashion week, anything is possible.


channel your inner equestrian

Talk about falling off your high horse once you saw the new Christian Dior collection. This season the collection was equestrian-inspired with accents of leather and ruffled chiffon dresses (my fave!). to me the collection was including a lot of modern touches to eighteenth century-style dresses and jackets. And, like most of the collections seen in Fall 2010, you see the amazing thigh-high or calf-high leather boots. That's definitely a fave trend of mine through the seasons and I'm really glad to see Dior creating chic, very "today" boots and make them a little old-fashioned. And I'm sure you all know by now that I heart vintage. This dior collection was pretty unexpected to me, because at first glance I was, "Ughhhh this is just another dior collection filled with ruffly dresses and accents of pink, isn't it?" You might think that at first glance, but they really used the flirty chiffon dresses from before and made them even better.

give me a rawr for rick owens

Talk about emphasizing a little power in rick owen's latest collection with the fiercely swept back hair and catlike eye makeup, and of course the asymmetric wraps with amazingly cool statement belts. And who were they? "A sect of nuns," says the designer. "Glamorous nuns, with inner discipline."
I really loved the metallic gloves, they are too die for. I wish i had them...they're amazing! The tights had to be a great part too because if you look close enough you can see the sharp details in what looks like plain black tights. Yes, I must say, I have an obsession with rick owen's accessories in this Fall 2010 collection. At first glance I thought the puffy-looking fabric (down blankets made into wraps, I suspected) was just weird, but when I stopped and looked at it it looked sorta cool in a way. Lemme know what you think.


b balmain

Balmain's collection has left me gobsmacked. I love it. I love how it really incorporates old and new glamour and didn't forget about Balmain's signature shoulder pads ;D Next to Roberto Cavalli, I'm loving the new Balmain. You MUST give each outfit individual attention to truly love them. I'm telling you.

Crackalacka boom!!!!! Inspiration has hit once again featuring my ever-so-loved sequined skirt.
Top: from Aqua
Bottom: from aqua
Necklace: from Bloomingdale's
Headband: from Juicy Couture
Shoes: from Carlos Falchi



Finally!!!!!!! Tommorrow there's no school because of some kind of teaching convention, so this weekend I will DEVOTE myself to my blog. yes i will.
anyways, inspiration struck so I decided to experiment with my wardrobe. Just a wee experiment teehee. i twisted and turned in my closet until I caused a tsunami and have an appropriately awesome outfit. so, without furthur ado, VIOLA!

All of it is from yours truly's wardrobe, so I am rather proud of myself..
Top from Abercrombie&Fitch
Dress from Aqua (got it @ bloomingdale's)
Sneakers from Juicy Couture
Pearl necklace from Bloomingdale's (i think it's by aqua too)

I seriously had little inspiration until I looked over some pretty amazingly inspirational pics.

Top picture: Yeah well I love ruffles and all sorts of layering of fabric (especially silk, like the ruffles on the dress) so I immediatly had the idea of adding the ruffly dress. This dress right above is my Malene Birger and I found it on net-a-porter (a site that i religously go on).

Middle Picture: Ahhh, I adore looking at old ads, and this vintage converse ad was the icing on the cake. And we all know I obsess over vintage.

Bottom picture: I worship Coco Chanel. And I NEED those pearls! But for now, the pearls I have will do. Pearls are miracles, even if it's just costume jewerly. they dress up any outfit.

Well, that's all for now lovelies. Keep reading and I'll keep updating.



Nichola Andreas Taralis Fall 2010

Before I go skipping down the yellow brick road of New York to my ballet class, I was dying to give the latest mint chocolate chip scoop of the Nichola Andreas Taralis collection. Till now, I have never heard of this designer, but I will definatly be having an eagle eye on this designer just to see what his designs look like and what type of designer he is in general. So, without blabbing my mouth away any longer, I'm going to dive into some of the outfits of the new season of Taralis:

Hmph. I dunno. I really don't. To me, this collection is on the border line of either extremly fashionable and trendy to just plain crazy (i wouldn't want to say it was totally out there on my first collection of this guy, right?). Yeah I guess I'm in a pickle. I have to say I do love the boots to the thigh, and I really adore the shoulders. But I can't say I really like the fabric used for most of the dresses and skirts. What do you think? Love it? Like it? Can't stand it? I can't make up my mind....

Roberto Cavalli Fall 2010

Eeeeepppp!!! I'm hopping up and down like I would if I was 8 and new polly pockets came out!!!!! Roberto Cavilli ROCKED IT for Fall 2010! This collection is EPIC to me! It's like a good little mix of vintage and totally rocker edge, it's not just vintage in a "I'm vintage you should think I'm totally adorable that I'm vintage" way or edgy in a "yeah I'm edgy and I'm totally cool and everyone knows it" way. It's totally what I've been waiting for out of a collection. Because quite frankly, I was getting sorta annoyed with the whole 80s trend that covered people in this enormous shoulder pads and pants that went up to your chest. Can you ever take a trend too seriously? So I'm glad Roberto Cavalli made something that didn't stick to what I expected. It's definitely that made me open my tired eyes after 45 minutes of a math period containing a million percent problems. Sigh. If only our school uniform looked like that...