give me a rawr for rick owens

Talk about emphasizing a little power in rick owen's latest collection with the fiercely swept back hair and catlike eye makeup, and of course the asymmetric wraps with amazingly cool statement belts. And who were they? "A sect of nuns," says the designer. "Glamorous nuns, with inner discipline."
I really loved the metallic gloves, they are too die for. I wish i had them...they're amazing! The tights had to be a great part too because if you look close enough you can see the sharp details in what looks like plain black tights. Yes, I must say, I have an obsession with rick owen's accessories in this Fall 2010 collection. At first glance I thought the puffy-looking fabric (down blankets made into wraps, I suspected) was just weird, but when I stopped and looked at it it looked sorta cool in a way. Lemme know what you think.

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