Finally!!!!!!! Tommorrow there's no school because of some kind of teaching convention, so this weekend I will DEVOTE myself to my blog. yes i will.
anyways, inspiration struck so I decided to experiment with my wardrobe. Just a wee experiment teehee. i twisted and turned in my closet until I caused a tsunami and have an appropriately awesome outfit. so, without furthur ado, VIOLA!

All of it is from yours truly's wardrobe, so I am rather proud of myself..
Top from Abercrombie&Fitch
Dress from Aqua (got it @ bloomingdale's)
Sneakers from Juicy Couture
Pearl necklace from Bloomingdale's (i think it's by aqua too)

I seriously had little inspiration until I looked over some pretty amazingly inspirational pics.

Top picture: Yeah well I love ruffles and all sorts of layering of fabric (especially silk, like the ruffles on the dress) so I immediatly had the idea of adding the ruffly dress. This dress right above is my Malene Birger and I found it on net-a-porter (a site that i religously go on).

Middle Picture: Ahhh, I adore looking at old ads, and this vintage converse ad was the icing on the cake. And we all know I obsess over vintage.

Bottom picture: I worship Coco Chanel. And I NEED those pearls! But for now, the pearls I have will do. Pearls are miracles, even if it's just costume jewerly. they dress up any outfit.

Well, that's all for now lovelies. Keep reading and I'll keep updating.



  1. hmm. def not something i wuld wear, but not bad! i like the newest one better tho. keep it up!!! :D

  2. I like the outfit. I wish I dressed like that because I normally just throw on whatever.