magical mystery tour

I give my regards to the New York Fashion Week hashtag on tumblr, being the addictive blogger I am. If you haven't been to http://milkmade.com/ yet, I suggest you go for the pure enjoyment you get out of avidly moving a bar back and forth to see the before and after beauty shots. Oh, and just staring at the Erin Fetherston collection and spending way too much time deciding what pictures to save for your blog. I hope you aren't dissatisfied by my choice in picture-saving and picture-posting.
I never really had any particular liking towards Erin Fetherston, but I don't feel the same way once I had a good look at her new collection. The collection is very in-touch with the celebrity culture of the 1960s, hence a floral shift dress named the "Mia dress". Of course everyone's quite familiar with my 60's obsession.

Notice the outstanding similarity between a Erin Fetherson floral print to the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour prints. Alas, only a Beatles freak could make this comparison.


the teddy girl

Hello, long time no blogging. It was probably because I was preoccupied with my tumblr (which can be found at http://theprotagonist-.tumblr.com/), consisting of some cool stuff that I kinda like a lot (you know the drill, vintage fashion, boy bands from the 1960s, vintage in general, sometimes new runways). And now I'm in the process of getting back into blogging again since my freshman year just slapped me in the face with lots of information to take in at once. As enjoyable as it is, the first week was exhausting. So I turn to blogging to release many ideas swirling directionless in my head and just some cool stuff that I think other people think is cool too. Nevermind my excuses though!
I took the annual visit to Fashion Night Out on the 8th which pretty much included telling Jason Wu, Tavi Gevinson, and Theophilus London how much I love them (oh, and joining the mob to catch a glance of Nicki Minaj outside of Yves Saint Laurent too). And of course the clothes, you know, continuing my endless admiration and musings for everything fashion.
I went head over heels when I actually got to speak to Jason Wu in the midst of a chattery Bergdorf Goodman sipping champagne out of cans. He's very chill, he isn't the chattery type. I guess a person's best ideas doesn't come from words, and that makes them a somebody. Just a quick thought. As the event entailed, I was on my toes to see Jason Wu's new collection first before anything else to open up to the latest Fashion Week. Just like everything else that's been going on in my life, it came as a surprise, the amount of time before Fashion Week was actually here. At least I have the hazy photography, clothing catalogues, and Abbey Road on LP so I don't have to be too surprised.
"Old school techniques that were electrocuted," Wu described. A quote like that probably embodies why I practically gave him my life story that Thursday night. His collections don't take a hold and smash my imagination that's caught up in the past, he brings it into reality. The collection, to me, was a melting pot of the youth subcultures that I've been obsessed with for a while now. Maybe not directly, but created so it suited the times we're in now, or for the people who aren't as obsessed with poor quality pictures from 50 years ago as I am. Jason Wu probably makes me sound less like an old woman whining about how lost the present is (I just turned fourteen, everyone says I'm too young for that type of thing).