for narnia.

okay, so u know and I especially know that posting was lacking because of christmas shopping. so nooooooooooooooooow, i come to you with my inspiration of the moment. so our awesome pastor had a film festival of the first to narnia movies and then the next movie was seen with my brother two weekends ago....and i'm overwhelmed with the love of everything in narnia. the same time i bought the december issue of bazaar was around the time i saw "dawn treader", so tell me about the rawness of the shine and this dirty royalty vibe:


don't you forget about me.

at the hour of severe hunger and thirst of fashion during this blasted winter time there comes the pre-fall rag&bone collection in all it's worn-out boot glory. this collection definitely stores a bit of that raw toughness without the embellishments, but has a purity with a hint of innocence that is not sugarcoated. it's when the cool is stripped down and it's a "tough classy". even though the pieces look amazing on their own, together they portray a character themselves, something honest. it doesn't have to be "simply soft and rosy" or "rock and roll", it can be both in a way that proceeds each other in a fashion that is not rushed and flows together in a beautiful ideal.
the collection itself is reminiscent to allison from "the breakfast club", her appearance from start to finish, beginning to end. her makeover didn't change the overall ideal of herself but still was a transition and change like the collection:

just a thought.