boho me, baby

I've always been a big fan of the chic Italian brand Kenzo, ever since I got my school shoes from them! I have an amazing pair of sneakers from Kenzo, and they're simply amazing. But most of all, I adore the Kenzo ready-to-wear this season. I've never been a huge fan of boho, but this sort of made me think twice of criticizing it. The way Kenzo used warm fabrics and prints for a lot of the outfits was simply perfect, and I couldn't have put together a better outfit if I tried. I especially loved the chic fedora hats that looked like they came from the models' boyfriends and the amazing silk floral-print scarves in warm colors like orange and cream. I think after this collection Fedora hats and scarves will really make a comeback as a trend, just accessories in general! The layering was done perfectly in this collection, so I think after what they did everyone will want one of those fedoras and scarves. And now you will behold my amazing Kenzo sneakers :) i had them 4 a while, they're just my fave pair of sneakers! they're so comfy and stylish! and i think this season they actually did kind of a repeat of the print on them..

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