channel your inner equestrian

Talk about falling off your high horse once you saw the new Christian Dior collection. This season the collection was equestrian-inspired with accents of leather and ruffled chiffon dresses (my fave!). to me the collection was including a lot of modern touches to eighteenth century-style dresses and jackets. And, like most of the collections seen in Fall 2010, you see the amazing thigh-high or calf-high leather boots. That's definitely a fave trend of mine through the seasons and I'm really glad to see Dior creating chic, very "today" boots and make them a little old-fashioned. And I'm sure you all know by now that I heart vintage. This dior collection was pretty unexpected to me, because at first glance I was, "Ughhhh this is just another dior collection filled with ruffly dresses and accents of pink, isn't it?" You might think that at first glance, but they really used the flirty chiffon dresses from before and made them even better.

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    So I'm a huge fan of Dior and anything equestrian/preppy catches my eye. I really like the last one with the hat and loose pants tucked into the boots.

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