hot tea and chanel no. 5 soap

I was fortunate to get a bar for myself along with new ballet shoes...how lucky am I? Ballet and Chanel....the best combo, I must say. Now if only Karl Lagerfeld designed our recital costumes I just might be in absolute bliss...
I must be the number one Chanel fan, because I keep every box and every piece of wrapping of anything chanel and bring it to sum kind of use: the Chanel logo sticker is stuck on my nightstand, I take the time to admire my Chanel perfume every day, and guess who wears her Chanel ribbon to school every day along with her watch made in Switzerland. *raises hand* Yup, and I'm known for being that weird at school.
I also am taking the habit of wearing ribbon every day: in my hair, on my hands, as a choker (I asked my friend to tie it for me because of the absolute difficulty...but mark my words, I love it!). Chanel ribbon is my good luck charm, I don't need any four leaf clovers!
But don't worry, I'm not desperate enough to go to the Chanel department of Bloomingdale's and ask for 3 yards of Chanel ribbon...my ribbon is perfectly good as it is.
So, what color tommorrow? Chanel (black and white) or a pink ribbon?




The detail is perfect in this...I used picnik.com to edit it!


inspiration underestimates some things

style is such a chameleon...am i right?

Thank god people got over shoulder pads and neons that almost started looking cheap the more people wore them. Looks like people are finally following advice from a timeless style like Coco Chanel? I'm glad all the stripes I bought paid off in the end...


wu gone minimalist

"My world is all about details, exuberant colors," said Jason Wu in the May issue of Vogue, "I'm the least minimal designer ever. So this might seem as an unlikely partnership."

Jason Wu has partnered with TSE for a line that's truly unique, considering the way Wu approaches fashion design and how TSE plays it. So, try to compare the two for me:

Study TSE...studied it? Okay, good. Moving on to Jason Wu....

See the total difference?

Well, remember the saying, "opposites attract"? I do quite like the sweater Jason Wu designed for TSE....



i just learned today that you say "miu miu" like "mew mew"

So the obsession continues...credit to my friend Pammy again! (more air kisses for you, sweetheart!)



caution! i am currently chanel crazy!

It all started with my most generous best friend Pamela getting me these awesome ads that I was dying for, so credit to her for the amazing pics! (air kisses to you, darling!)
Ever since I heard that Chanel was off to shoot ads in Spain (i have my sources...particularly the Chanel News on chanel.com that i have the habit of checking every day). Chanel is so versatile now adays...from barnyard, to iceberg, but the Spanish-esque theme is my favorite so far! The first most noticeable part on the model is the Spanish hats which reminds me too fondly of Pepito from Madeline ("He's a bad hat!").
Up in the middle picture, I really love the way the sweater was knitted, like a homemade and yet again, Spanish style. The warm embroidery on the guy's jacket is amazing, and you can't be Spanish with out pointy leather shoes and buckles on the bottom of your pants, can you?
In the top picture, the chipped paint looks so imperfect it's perfect (one of my favorite things in fashion in general is in that case scenario) and I almost want to hop into the picture and go bull fighting with some Chanel models.
Sorry for the bent corner in the last picture, these ads suffered a long journey to home in my messenger bag, so forgive. Anyhow, the last picture is really the best of both worlds: a classic white Chanel tweed skirt and jacket with a Spanish-style hat. The ankle boots make me squeal in this one!!!!!
I'll have more amazing Miu Miu in a bit...
Now excuse me while I go bull fighting with Chanel models.



patern play [preferably nylon]

So this is inspired by a 1961 cover girl add with loads of pretty polka dots..SO I thought I would never be the one who would a Nylon magazine fan, but after a quick flip through an issue I bought "for experiment", I realized that I'm just starving for the next issue. At first I thought I would just stick to Teen Vogue and swat away Nylon like a cheap-looking logo bag. After the May 2010 issue, Nylon has became a favorite of mine. It will only take one more issue to get it to my top favorite....so, in conclusion, peace, fashion, anddddd

Back to the paper doll then...I've been experiencing a sudden interest in patterns (to put it scientifically, or I could just say...PATTERNS ARE AWESOME! but that'll be too boring...am I right?) But what really blows my mind that just a month or so ago I blew off my cash mindlessly on some awesome dresses and tops with either vertical or horizontal stripes, since I was tired of the plaid trend that was going around at that moment. And all of a sudden, a month later, stripes are what people are wearing...grrr. Just a while ago I almost went cross-eyed with all the plaid...now stripes? I can just see the smile on Coco's face:

Thank god people got over plaid. It was getting pretty annoying. So, are my paper doll skills getting better? More dollys later, pinky swear!