Dolce & Gabbana Fall '10

Now that I've completed all my meer mortal studies of social studies, I'm going to continue my marvelous art of fashion. Today at school this friend of mine had the Daily News and I was looking at a pic of naiomi cambell and automatically sqealed, "EMIGOSH SHE'S WEARING ALEXANDER MCQUEEN!" (because she was!) so then he replied, "Do you like study fashion?" I replied: "Yes, I quite do."
Because you can't deny it, I do! And believe me, it's not just a hobby.
So, as I always do, I was goggling over the Fall 2010 collections at Milan fashion week. So I am going to do my little analysis of the Fall 2010 Dolce&Gabbana collection. And why do I call it an "analysis"? Because fashion is such a complex science to me.
So, back to that. Here are my favorite 3 looks from the collection:

Dolce&Gabbana is definitely starting an underwear as outwear trend, I can sense it. I think dolce&gabbana has made a more mature, and a little tougher collection in contrast from last season. It was sort of mostly lingerie with office wear, but they made it work, hadn't they? I quite thought so.

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