spring 2011 runway: the good, the fads, and the fabulous

So like, if you're a Spanish bullfighter and need a portable Hermes bag, then BUY THIS! oh, and make sure you get me an extra, because this is possibly the best thing that has happened since Miu Miu Spring 2010 platforms....*sigh* ah, the spring runways...
on another note....
I DID, for the first epic time. Thank goodness my friends were aware of my ultimate love for 80s movies, and...an honorary friend called me about 10 minutes before it was on and thanks to the help of my mother, we found the channel which I was desperately trying to search for on the last grueling minutes of searching for it with google {the only tool of the night that didn't help me...but isn't internet supposed to be a big step to making life easier...?}. okay, enough of this story and my rant about modern technology, ON TO MY POINT.
So, don't get my started on the costumes.

Thank you, John Hughes. Thank you, 1986. If only dressing was still like that....Duckie is like the hipster before hipsters were even cool and lemme just say, HIS ensemble was simply volcanic. Andie's wardrobe couldn't get any better, that girl is incredible.
"If they don't believe in me, I can't believe in them..."



spring 2011 runway: the good, the fads, and the fabulous

And even though the runways have been swarmed with 60s fashion and those Asian influences, can this season's hair truly be honed by a Johnathan Saunders 40s prom queen or a Prada 30s flapper?
I am {or perhaps was..?} a firm believer in the simplicity of hair. I have always been the type of girl who washed her hair every day but don't go overboard with it with a BRAND NEW HAIRDO EVERYONE HAS {curse you, deadly side bangs!}.
This season, though, I just wished that Guido Palau could work for me and give me those TO DIE FOR VINTAGE HAIRSTYLES {vintage. hairstyles. people.}. *sigh* Only runways serve as propaganda to hypnotize me in a love of hair....
But I'm too chicken to cut my hair.