to catch a thief.

finally, i have discovered the wonderful channel that is turner classic movies. so, yes, i was watching classic movies all thanksgiving long while i munched on yummy turkey and blabbed on black friday of my love for button downs {while still shopping for friends on the dreaded day when there is barely breathing room in some stores}.
to answer your questions on the pictures above, why, yes, i did watch to catch a thief. and yes, it was quite amazing. well, underestimating it a bit. every part of the movie, especially the costumes {all hail edith head!}, deserve an amazing on it's own.
the costumes were the same hint of classy 1950s, but this was a bit "classy people on vacation". what i really noticed was the amazing usage of full skirts and fitted waists to make your waistline gorgeous in the 1950s. there's not a scene when you can't land your eyes on a beautiful dress with a waistline i adore that could fit a women better. it's not as extreme as the 1800s' delicate and way too minute waistline, but it isn't the totally loose fit that's been the trending thing today. ah, how i love the delicate structures of the 1950s.
grace kelly's pink dress in the convertible with cary grant especially reminded me of the spring 2010 miu miu runway, this look in particular:

to make a math reference, the rotations on the dress are what really makes them similar. and the same careful structure of the waist as well.



after watching "night of the iguana" and "my favorite brunette" on tcm, there was one particular outfit piece that caught my eye the most: the classic button down. the button down has been worn from the 1950s on and on and on, and there are about a billion variations inhabiting wardrobes. it's a timeless classic that never really does go out of style, and, as the cheesy self help style books say, a "must have for your closet".
when the spring 2011 collections first came out, I especially adored the viktor & rolf collection because the button down is something that I wear at least once a week. my button downs are essential to my look, and of course, i am the princess born in the wrong decade, so it's one more way i could channel my inner audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe {yes, i like to do that}. you'd think that the button down was done in every way possible, until viktor & rolf came along and broke the barrier....like they break the barrier to everything.
every look held some variation of the button down {41 buttons downs, big and small people!} and above is just a couple of my favorite looks. and of course those four looks remind me of one classic in particular:

audrey hepburn, or her character holly golightly, who just arouse from her slumber by the ever-so-dashing writer played by george peppard.
of course, the button down dates back to men at the office, but since i like to search for the different in things like those, men who roof houses like an outsider:

darry curtis from the outsiders, being the outsiders fanatic i am. {he's wearing this dark greenish grey variation, if you look at it in color}
or of course, if you wanna see the modern, high fashion variation, leave it to benny horne in his photograph for rushh:

i never quite realized how much the button down really is a classic, and the last thing i like to do is repeat a million times in this ever-so-cliche fashion that "it's a must have for every wardrobe". even if it is....



how was california, man?

gold rush boomtown, iris nebula, rumble fish trailer, rodarte spring 2011

in celebration of the space-on-clothing, i was sifting through the nasa astronomy picture of the day archive. november 12th's iris nebula reminded me of rodarte spring 2011, and all these pictures was a mutation of random ideas put into one thing. of course the golden-like aura of the hair and makeup and some of the knits in browns and beige in the rodarte collection gave me ideas about california, particularly the california gold rush, behind the collection, and the messy hair and some of the baggy clothes just made rumble fish pop up. the material of the motorcycle boy's jacket just screams rodarte spring 2011 to me. think....a tough fairy with a short temper that arose from a pile of gold in the middle of a starry night?



if a new wave girl crashed a high society ball.

of course i would raise both arms and legs if i was asked if i lusted over the lanvin for h&m collection, but it took me a while to process how to actually speak about it. after some thought, what came to mind was new wave, specifically the patterns and accessories, with high society, especially the silhouettes and ruffles of the clothes.


so this whole vogue italia shoot is one of the best photo shoots i've come across in quite a while. it's not so "commercial" as some fashion magazines intend their photo shoots to be, and there's not a full statement that it's "pretty". it's implied...when you take a look at it for a good while. i thought it was a bit 1950s classic private school with a good mix of a 1970s high school.

but it's not in that totally "commercial" way. and i liked how they combined two different concepts, because usually when you first see the fall 2010 prada heels, you think that in a magazine, you need the 1950s cliche to pull it off in a way that seems presentable to readers. but this is so not presentable it is so presentable. and it's really cool. the hair and the collars in the photo shoot also reminded me of

in a way, it's also including this whole 1970s vibe that came from the spring 2011 runways.



nothing's better then a vintage baddie.

so the outsiders. the topic was stuck in my head to be up for a discussion for quite a while, as the outsiders film was the birth of my love for the 1980s, and the outsiders novel was the birth of my adoration of s.e. hinton. and even though i utterly loath everything the tabloids have to offer, the ONE GOOD THING tmz has provided for me in my life are these behind the scene pictures from the set of the outsiders. and let's get one thing straight: after seeing these pictures, i am not the biggest fan of high definition. low quality old pictures all the way!
ehem, now back to the point. so as the fashion freak who runs this blog {this is the purpose of the blog, to share my freakiness with people who will enjoy it}, i especially have a keen eye for the costumes in movies, and since we're talking about it, i especially paid attention to the costume design in the outsiders film. and may i say, i interpreted enough from the 1982 film that portrays the hot and bad 1967 greaser boys to make a paper doll. finally, my inspiration for paper dolls is back.
so the paper doll. it's a whole bunch of junk i interpreted from the film that i wanted to include. the model that i used, even though i was oh-so-iggnorant enough to forget her name as i sifted through vogue, is specifically one of the points of the paper doll. it was sort of a greaser girl kinda thing, how i would think of her. big earrings, big hair, lotta makeup.....you know what i'm talking about if you read the book. but the last thing i wanted her to be was sort of the cliche girl who's "different" from the greaser girls, you know, that mary sue that runs around the fanfiction world like crazy? yeah, hence why i immediately crumpled up the ugg australia add model i was about to use. the frizzy hair and the sort of dark lighting on her makes her the rawness i wanted. i didn't want it to be a flat-out greaser girl, with the neon makeup and the whole bandwagon, but sort of what a greaser guy would like like if he, persay, was a paper doll girl like this one. weird analyzation, but that's what i mean.
lace up boots inspired by tim shepard's boots. button down inspired by darry's. over the knee polka dot skirt inspired by cherry valance, except in a much more realism. and the coat, yeah, i thought that was absolute for a greaser. i dunno, another tim shepard? it also reminded me of john bender's, but that's not outsiders related, BUT IT'S STILL 80S FILM, RIGHT!?

mhm. so yeah.