Nichola Andreas Taralis Fall 2010

Before I go skipping down the yellow brick road of New York to my ballet class, I was dying to give the latest mint chocolate chip scoop of the Nichola Andreas Taralis collection. Till now, I have never heard of this designer, but I will definatly be having an eagle eye on this designer just to see what his designs look like and what type of designer he is in general. So, without blabbing my mouth away any longer, I'm going to dive into some of the outfits of the new season of Taralis:

Hmph. I dunno. I really don't. To me, this collection is on the border line of either extremly fashionable and trendy to just plain crazy (i wouldn't want to say it was totally out there on my first collection of this guy, right?). Yeah I guess I'm in a pickle. I have to say I do love the boots to the thigh, and I really adore the shoulders. But I can't say I really like the fabric used for most of the dresses and skirts. What do you think? Love it? Like it? Can't stand it? I can't make up my mind....

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