Eloise at the Plaza

  Style.com has confirmed, so it is official: 20 DAYS UNTIL FASHION WEEK! Excuse the combination of capital, italicized, and bold letters. You just don't understand my feels.
  I am pretty down whenever I think about the summer ending and sophomore year beginning, the year where the excuses you use are a freshman are worthy of a comic strip if you use them when you are a sophomore. Fashion's Night Out and Fashion Week always makes the first month of school more bearable. School is not completely bearable ever, but coming home from school and checking style.com for the latest shows and those cute little Fashion Week highlight videos is just so thrilling!
  I am also excited to see the street style going down because somehow the pitiful comparison between me and street style goddesses motivates me to dress even better and ~ *embrace my individuality*~ (to quote the books I've had to read for guidance class). I am very most excited to see the ensembles of Eleonora Carisi due to her magnificent curls I will never achieve, the wardrobe I will attempt to steal, and all-around perfection. Observe:

  Get my drift? She's what I call a morph between Jackie O and Cherry Valance and Eloise, or, to put it more simply, she's perfect. Notice the Miu Miu Spring 2010 clogs she's wearing in the last rad outfit. I will never get over that collection, I swear. And look at that fuzzy yellow Jackie O coat in the first outfit! 
  Pink has always been my favorite color, but I like pink especially now because I visited the Eloise store at The Plaza and got me some stickers for my locker this year featuring the best illustrations known to any form of literature, both children's books and math books (those graphs are pretty hard to beat, am I right?). Observe:
  Get my drift?
  I decided to do a real-life moodboard thing, kind of like the ones magazines do with bags and shoes. I happen to do mine with my Eloise at The Plaza book and my Crew Cuts jewelry that I want to get a little more excited about to wear to school this year.
  Also featuring my long-time friend and bunny, Marilyn.
  My zebra necklace is navigating through a maze of elevators and floors at The Plaza. Good times.
  In terms of ~*inspiration*~, I think children's books are top-notch. It motivates me to wear as much pink as I want, shamelessly, and color coordinate everything. To tell you the clean truth, I'd rather wear Eloise's outfit than one of those huge coats that go for $452,452,525,252,524,747 nowadays. I mean, seriously, who doesn't love that pink ribbon?
  I have tons of children's books still but let's focus on all the glory of Eloise because she's my favorite! Sorry, English roses.
  I guess this post is kind of a beginning of my mood for fall. I like how children's books are genuinely girly because everyone's into "creepy" girly stuff now and I'm not really into it. I have always been a genuine lover of pink, so I take offense.
  Ever notice how most of the mean girls in movies and books wear pink? I call it the "purple protagonist" complex. I wanna keep femininity in my feminism, okay?

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