Jungle Book

  I am not normally one that cares for resort or pre-fall collections, but Proenza Schouler can be the exception today. I'm kind of love thunderstorms now that August has come, and the humid, moss green atmosphere that comes with it. Listen to Vivaldi's "Summer" and you'll know what I'm talking about. Summmer is not a tea party on Vivaldi's terms, so kudos to Vivaldi for being unique. Proenza Schouler is awesome because nothing is really a tea party to them, it's all a massive thunderstorm. It hits you and its awesome.
  I'm glad I have a blog to share my feelings for thunderstorms because in real life, if you say thunderstorms are comforting or something, everyone's like, "Are you emo?"but on the Internet you sound profound and you could be the next Tolstoy and you can get away with that oh-so-cliche phrase, "I'm not like the other girls" that can be found on literally every Tumblr you come across that's owned by a teenage girl. Teenage girls, in reality, are more alike than you think: most of them are obsessed with something. It doesn't matter if you're obsessed with Kurt Cobain or Justin Bieber, you are obsessed. It's not a bad thing, frankly, so what's wrong with being like the other girls? Why are you condemning your own sex? More importantly, why am I asking so many questions? 
  I think I'm reading too much.

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