The Nancy Drew Files

  So at first glance of the Chanel Fall 2012, everyone was all, "FUTURISTIC! Eighties! Geometric shapes! Metallic!" but all I could think about is the awesome colors that was kind of a morph between the moss green of Nancy Drew's skirts and the red of Ringo Starr's raincoat during the rooftop concert of 1969. Chanel isn't the label that you look to for those nostalgic warm colors or colors in general. So seeing moss green, maroon, and mustard yellow was a visual delight! Not to mention the awesome deep purple sweaters draped over the shoulders in mystery-solving, awesome way! 

  See what I'm getting it? The dark colors also give off the vibe of pictures from 1968. The psychedelia is winding down so it doesn't have that technicolor effect of 1966 and such. It's the disintegrated, dark part that leads to the 70s. The colors from Chanel particularly remind me of the Let It Be sessions or Mad Day Out.

  I used to have something against the 70s because it didn't have the same pretty-color-psychedelia vibe of the 60s and the Beatles had broken up (weep). 

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