Summer Haze Scrapbook

  Mid-summer feels like the end of summer, so I wanted to make a scrapbook-thing of what I'm dreaming about this summer. I'm really into red and white lace now, as in wearing it and seeing it. I also wanted to make this scrapbook-thing a groupie/70s rock mini-appreciation. Hence the Almost Famous screenshots (in warm colors, including red). I love movies (and I'm idealistic) so I had to pick a visually pleasing movie to portray my love for the rockstar lifestyle, which has to be Almost Famous. I have started to look past the overrated sunsets and have come to appreciate sunsets in their red-to-organge-to-pink loveliness. I guess all this dreaming about touring with a band comes from those long car rides to beaches this summer. Summer car rides are great because you're never going to school.
  I decided to be creatively productive again by making another paper doll, too, that fits into the whole summer of '75 on-the-road feel. 
  I know coats and heavy sweaters don't scream summer, but they fit into the on the road vibe. Don't pretend they're not fun to look at, too.

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