A Cinderella Story

  When I first saw Jason Wu's Spring 2013 collection, my immediate thought was a punk rocker or a greaser marrying into the royal family. His collection was basically a wardrobe from a girl power Cinderella story movies, something like The Princess Diaries or A Cinderella Story or What A Girl Wants. He told a much more honest, more raw Cinderella story, one where Cinderella has to make her own dress!
  One part of fashion that's amazing is the ability to take the clothes and narrate a story from start to finish. Some of my best short stories are modeled alongside collections. Fashion can help you make a whole new world so you can live in complete delusion if you'd like. It's awesome.
  Those Jason Wu gowns are probably unimaginably expensive, and yet they look very honest, do-it-yourself Cinderella where I can take my ballet leotard, a belt, and some tulle. No matter what the feminists say, Cinderella seems like a great story to live. Fashion makes fantasy so delightfully real. If Jason Wu says you can be a punk rock Cinderella, than why not?
  What a great start to Fashion Week! It's like that time in What A Girl Wants when Daphne cuts up the dress her evil stepsister gave her!
  I'm a sucker for Amanda Bynes movies...

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