Sweater Vests

  Just some adorable scans from the Paul McCartney II book that my dad took out from the library (thank you, dad!). They have all those awesome summer yellows and blues I'm into now (along with the green on the carousel!) and my favorite sweater vest of all time. Paul's sweater vest-wearing days date back to Magical Mystery Tour. His sweater vests are simply awesome. He's just so `~groundbreaking~` (like, t0talliiii)(this sentence has been a mini-rant of my loathing for the word "groundbreaking"). No, but seriously, only old men wore sweater vests before Paul McCartney. He opened the realm for my English teachers, Cambridge professors, and just awesome people, okay?
  I took some homemade screenshots of Magical Mystery Tour just so you can be as delighted as I am in Paul's sweater vests even though the pictures are kind of pixle-y. Sweater vests aside, however, Magical Mystery Tour is one of the most aesthetically pleasing movies you can watch. Here is the link to the full movie. Magical Mystery Tour was made as a TV film in 1967 and was a total failure, but it's one of those movies that suck but are still so nice to look at! Magical Mystery Tour was made with that genuine 1967 psychedelia which is one of my favorite things in the universe!
  While we're on the subject of sweater vests, I was asking myself why I love fashion these past couple days (this query has relevance to sweater vests, I swear!). I mean, its not going to save the world or create world peace or do something about relocating all those annoying people at school. People won't think you're any more intelligent for liking fashion. Quite on the contrary, most people would do a mental eye roll and think, "Oh, she likes fashion."
  Okay, I listed the cons. This morning, however, I had what I might call a revelation about why I love fashion. My favorite fashion bloggers would talk about how fashion is self-empowering and all that Girl Power stuff....which is great and awesome and I would totally cite that reason as one of my reasons!
  But my reason isn't a famous fashion blogger's reason. My reason is that fashion is one of the few true unifying forces in the world today. Nobody talks about it, but fashion truly, truly unifies people. See, in any other industry, sweater vests can be laughable. Some conservative politician can get absolutely slaughtered by the part of media that detests his beliefs, and him wearing sweater vests is just another excuse for the slaughtering and can result in quite a couple memes (poor Rick Santorum...). Lady Gaga has earned herself a plethora of parodies on YouTube that usually include ensembles of edible items and household products that poke fun at her actual ensembles.
  Fashion, however, welcomes everything. The CFDA awarded Lady Gaga the Fashion Icon Award (look who's laughing now, YouTube!). If someone notoriously wears sweater vests to fashion shows, it will immediately become their "signature piece." Fashion is so acceptant of almost anything. Fashion critics are there to criticize some things that fashion is acceptant of, but there are way more cool things that fashion has accepted in its history than negative things: the little black dress, miniskirts, and, more recently, armadillo shoes!
  Nobody really thinks or talks about how unifying fashion is because most people look down upon fashion as absurd. The designers and journalists of fashion don't care about the people on the outside because they've been accepted by fashion.
  The people on the outside look into fashion and wonder how the hell people in the industry could be so absurd, but the people looking in aren't as happy as the people inside.

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