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i have had absolutely nothing to write for the past could days it is inadequate that i don't continue writing. i check style.com every morning AND every night, and the end of july i always have this feeling that there's nothing that important going on in fashion. the end of july is the time where i experiment the most (i experiment all summer but particularly at this time of year). since i am bored out of my mind about reading about blake lively having the best hair in hollywood (WE KNOW ALREADY!) and the history of bronzing (which, quite frankly, i'm sick of hearing "use THIS fake tanner" or "THIS fake tanner will give you an even better glow then the sun!" i'm just going to tan in the sun like a normal person, okay? SPF 15, all the way!), i always take the time to look around at street style and make my own interpretation of it. last night, though, my brother (GASP! HE LIKE KARL LAGERFELD TOO!) sent me this amazing website from a london boutique called dover street market, and most specifically comme de garcon. you can check out the store here:


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