basking up the rays on sunny days with a couple ideas in mind

ah, yes. my favorite. summer street style. don't get me wrong, watching clothes go down the runway is like going to the met and looking at masterpieces, but street style is an art that stands on it's own. it may not have the extravagance of haute couture or the versatile designs of the the runways, but is comfortable fashion that has an effortless beauty to it. well, of course, it is most of the time effortless, because you pick out anything you like from your closet and put it on. street style is not any form of experiment, and it is something not done on purpose, therefore the effortless beauty it creates is amazing at times. runways are suggestions, and street style gets personal with the wearer.
one of my favorite street style blogs is the Jak&Jill shots, which makes street style look like a masterpiece {http://jakandjil.com/blog/}. It adds a beauty you never realized street style could have, and it was the main contributor to my interest in street style.

a street style trend now here in good old new york is tending to be all denim. used wisely, it looks magnificent. i never was that into denim myself, but it looks amazing when paired carefully with tanned leather or a cute belt to settle down the somewhat exhaustion of all denim. sort of a reminiscence to D&G Spring 2010? To me, yes, very much so.

but of course, street style exists everywhere. hoping from the new york scene to the Glastonbury festivities, here are the magnificent street style spotted there:

it seems like we've all needed a good break from the shoulder pads and fishnet tights for a new relaxed vintage trend. as spotted last fall/winter, ray bans were starting to rise up and more and more people were spotted with a nice pair of ray bans along with their padded blazers and neon dresses. now this spring/summer, we've lost the shocking pieces for a little more on the vintage side, ripping holes in our fishnets and still keeping the ray bans. instead of sharp skirts and vibrant neons, we've token faded tees and tucked them into destroyed denim shirts or rolled them up to pull of that 1950s look. i'm a rather big fan of this one because i was starting to think people were going to destruct the beautiful wardrobe pieces that will forever remain beautiful, but i was proved wrong. fashion and, especially, style can alternate at the switch of a season. we are now truly having a summer break.

the final city i'm covering in this blog post is paris: yes, paris, my all-time favorite. the french are known to be simple yet elegant in their style, always making comfortable look beautiful. and this summer, they are doing exactly that. paris, this summer, is taking on the white trend. they are wearing anything white: nice white cotton capris, white linen dresses, a nice white jumpsuit. it either takes up the whole outfit or is just a splash of it. either way, add a touch of white. it sort of goes back to that old rule that still reins: white for summer, and after labor day white is forbidden. it seems the french are embracing the white while they can. it looks very elegant and clean, which i always go for.

it seems like in every city there's a different trend, but each trend is scene in all sorts of cities. but be aware: trends wouldn't exist without people on the streets stimulating them. so have fun. i know i will.



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