aice + olivia resort collection: when i was your age...

it's nothing like a good alice + olivia resort collection to walk you through the decades. the collection started off with a 50s aura, featuring ladylike dresses, polka dots, and of course iconic 50s sunglasses. some of the ensembles had a dash of converse sneakers, still preserving a little modern touch to them.
when the collection progressed, the collection had some 60s and 70s touches to them i.e. bell bottom jeans, refreshing colors, and flouncy and flowy tops and skirts.
what i also noticed in the collection were the transition of colors through the collection, somewhat of an evolution. the beginning of the collection dealt more with warm colors such as lemony yellows and vibrant reds, with splashes of polka dots or circle-like patterns. towards the end there were more cool colors like light lime greens and instead of polka dots they had stripes.
i have always been the girl who worshipped everything classic. when i get dressed in the morning, i always aim for a classic look. because the classics led us to what we are today, and the classics deserve to be respected. the alice + olivia wasn't quite the collection that showed off the classics, but they featured the classic style mixed with their modern touches. it was a perfect mix, and wasn't too overdone. it was a moderation of each, which i enjoyed seeing.


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