bottega veneta ressort 2011

i was a big fan of the bottega veneta resort 2011 collection for it's ability to have a relation with the meaning of a resort collection. i love how resort collections always look wearable, but this season the bottega veneta runway takes the cake. yes, it is very simple and refined, but not in a boring way. people always thought bigger was better and always had to look perfect and have the most extravagent accessories, but this collection proves to us that simplicity is always stylish. in a sense people forget that fashion and style starts in the simplest of terms: whether it is a crisp white button down or a pair of loose capris.
the collection itself was a careful play of colors and truly wearable pieces. of course, this collection brought back the boyfriend trend: flimsy capris and slouchy blazers. the colors were used carefully in a way that created tops, dresses, and bottoms that reminded you of days on the beach. what i especially liked was the white dress in the collection (top, far left). the bottom had two layers that created pockets for it, and a beautiful weaving was made at the collar. the belt fitted it and made it look magnificent.
so, what do you think?


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