the street style muses

although models serve as muses for their designers they model for, they also serve as inspirations for street style. sometimes there are certain knit scarves or loose-fitting jackets that you staple with one big "NO" when you're sorting through what to wear during the day, but when you see models where some of the quirkiest cute things you ever seen and wish "boy, wouldn't it be nice to have a scarf like that.." when i turns out you do. it's just lying around in the back of your closet, bored and unworn.
models can make the most ordinary and old things look magical and trend-setting, like that scarf your grandma bought for you just went down the runway. sometimes you think that wearing a piece of clothing will look hideously nerdy on you, when paired right you can look like one of those first row fashion week guests.
sometimes take a risk and when you see the next street style muse in her gorgeous clothing, you'll have a reason to say that you set trends.
"ha ha, chanel iman is wearing that leather jacket that you thought was last season!"
yes, i love rubbing it in to my friends too.


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