fall trend report: part three

hello all, back again with the third fall trend report of mine. this one issssss

FUR! but don't be fooled, you can have the reals or deck yourself out in fake. And the fake isn't just the economical version of the trend, faux fur was spotted at chanel, mind you. so even if you are protective of animal rights, don't hesitate to put on a little faux fur. or if you're just one to keep up with the fall trends, try on some reals, if you have the dough.
so, didn't think the eskimo could be fashionable with the wave of lagerfeld's wand {and not even metaphorically, i'm under the impression he can work loads of magic...a fashionable dumbeldore, maybe?}? This fall is very unpredictable, mind you. The underestimated are overestimated this season, no doubt.


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