fall trend report: part one

fall is like the september of fashion, when you throw out last season's miu mius and welcome in the latest it bag or splurge on that prada dress your dying to have. so, of course, everyone who has the slightest involvement in fashion sorts through those fall runway pictures as statement of advice. so part one of my fall trend report will be devoted to {drum roll!}...

that's right ladies! one of fall's many trends includes textures and layers, the trend that is stylish and very reasonable, too, as you don't have to freeze to death in those sequined minis or those used-to-die-for leggings because all you have to do is keep layering on those knit scarves. this is a message from the fashion gods: this trend is especially for those new yorkers! because the winter here can be pretty brutal, especially when you're going christmas shopping and it's below freezing so you just can't wait to get into the heated saks fifth avenue for some gossip over hot chocolate at their chocolate cafe or try on those YSL leopard stilettos. so now you don't have to be the only one that isn't in a sleek trench coat, everyone will be wearing to-die-for layers that are the warmest things you could wear and also are veryyyyyyyy fashion-forward. fear not, this trend is comfortable and stylish.


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