fall trend report: part two

and here comes part two of my fantastically annual fall trend report. so this trend, i must say, is possibly an all-time favorite trend of mine coming this fall. layers is an amazing trend but i adore this one. and this post's trend isssssss...

yes, this is the new 50s ladies who lunch, quirky librarian trend. this season curves are being embraced with cutsey belts, so someone's curvy figure is truly an advantage. and of course big skirts, nerdy chic prints, and frills are what wearing dresses is all about this season. you can't go wrong with a ladylike dress and some red lipstick! so ditch those retro glam mini skirts and raid your librarian's wardrobe. sounds like a party to me.
as for accessories, accessories are quite open this season. you don't need to have an "it bag" and you certainly don't need to splurge on some pricey jewels that every magazine claims to be worth every penny because this season all that needs to be done is a good look in the back of your closet to reevaluate those cable knit socks or headbands from your blair waldorf wannabee stage because those accessories are easily reinvented this season. i know i'm going to beg to fail my eye test at my next doctor's visit just so I can get my hands on those epicly awesome prada eyebrow glasses. you'd never think that those librarians or old women were actually ahead of your time when it came to style....


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  1. Hello again my darling!! Again you really out done yourself and you sis an AMAZING job!!!! i am soooooooo proud of you!!!! Ciao for now!!!!!!