SPOTTED: My fave Miu Miu couture print hitting Milan!

This may sound very immature, but I am super super dupity obsessed with this Spring 2010 Miu Miu print!!!!!! I especially like the dress shot in this picture. Look at it straight on the runway:

Even though it isn't exactly a print you might wear to school, it is a piece of artwork to me. I mean, you wouldn't display the Mona Lisa on a busy sidewalk in the middle of Soho, would you? Same goes here. It is a marvelous print, and to the Miu Miu designers: I take my beret off to you (since beret is my favorite type of hat, I don't wear Abraham Lincoln hats or fedoras, thank u very much!)

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  1. I am certainly obsessed with Miu Miu too!