put your best tondue forward

okay, so you must imagine for me. imagine you are one of the many preteen girls studying ballet in a small ballet school in France. You have just finished a tedious class and your feet, especially your ankles, are aching from the pain of doing so much ballet on your pointe shoes. you are unlacing them as you stretch your aching muscles, eager for a break. but as you take off your shoes and relax, a man with tousled black hair in a crisp black suit and top hat begins sketching you and your fellow classmates with numerous pastels at hand. he watches you keenly and sketches you, his eyes twinkling with this aura of elusiveness and mystery. Who is he?
He is Edgar Degas. One of my favorite and most inspirational Impressionists.

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  1. haha that is awesome! You are very good at writing!