the nude blossoms in the valley

Goodness, my my hasn't it been a long while? 8 days in fact? After that absense of mine, I guarantee I'll be on here way more often, thanks to my inspiration to create so many paper dolls that I come to the desperation to make them after a math test (i literally took paper, my scissors, and borrowed tape from my teacher to make one with my single issue of lucky!). But it seems that I always get it wrong...take this one, for example:

I was thinking to myself, "Oh, okay, I'm going to make a cool springy and flowery paper doll" but instead I made I paper doll based on the boyfriend fit, with nude tones and shades. Is this what happens to Alexander Wang or Karl Lagerfeld when they design collections? Because I don't like it, not one little bit.
But what I DO like is the fact that I got the latest Polaroid camera model, which isn't supposed to come out till MAY! So, today I tested it and I LOVED it! So, expect this blog to be infested with polaroids and paper dolls...is that good enough? Hope so, because polaroids and paper dolls take up half my desktop and most of my brain space nowadays...with occassional algebraic expressions here and there.

coco (who pinky swears for more blog posts...polaroids and paper dolls, my friends!)

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