branching out

The fashion world is pretty unpredictable, isn't it? After a couple seasons, we would think that the denim leggings and leather skinny jeans were here to stay, but spring is always a time for change. A time to renew. The little itty bitty caterpillers have to grow up to be butterflies. It's time for you to have a decent spring cleaning in your closet, to give away those awful things you wish you never wore and welcome in your latest finds at the spring sample sales and your spring obsessions. I am quite grateful to the fashion gods that I can take out my free flowing capris and my flare jeans. I mean, what's fashion without a variety (sometimes even more variety then every day life!)? The week of beautiful sun and nice warm temperatures has ended here in New York and now it's just muggy, cold, and uninviting. Oh well, at least more time for spring cleaning!


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