The Pocket Dress

             Hello, long time no blog! Summer leaves abundant time for leisure, so I decided to revamp the blog, maybe make it less girly and deep and angst-y? Trust me, it'll be better. I'm gonna write about whatever I want. Now, you're probably very scared at the prospect of me writing about whatever I want. I honestly don't care. Some say that fear can bring out the best in people.

             You are probably now thinking that I'm going to take on some controversial issue, and I would take on a duty of exposing deep thoughts. I'll maybe do that when I'm interested in it. For now, however, I take pleasure in talking about art that can correlate with my deep mind; I want to make thinking about things fun. I don't find it fun when you're on a blog and someone is all angst-y and trying to be cool by talking about walls and bridges and anarchy...let's leave that to Roger Waters.

             Now that reintroductions are done, let's celebrate with Raf Simons! Although I shed a couple tears at his departure from Jil Sander, the prospect of him as the new creative director at Christian Dior sounds quite inviting. I have whole-hearted appreciation of his ability to feed my obsession with vintage (my tumblr is visual proof), and I don't feel immensely guilty about my obsession with the past because he's what the fashion world calls an "innovator." Hm, innovator gets thrown around a lot, right?

            But for Raf it is utterly true! He's the only living designer I want to describe as an innovator since the term being thrown around is slightly sickening. But I mean, look at his pocket dresses (or blouses) and you will UNDERSTAND!

Fall 2012 Couture (Dior)
Fall 2012 RTW (Jil Sander) 
Spring 2012 RTW (Jil Sander)

          If I get married, say, 20 years from now, I'd probably want a Jil Sander archive. I realize now that  you might look totally indifferent on your own wedding day if you have your hands stuck in your pocket when you walk down the aisle, but stick on one of those Jackie O hats and put your hands in your pockets on the road to your honeymoon and you'll look quite comfy. See Jackie O hate here:
Spring 2012 RTW (Jil Sander)
          Listen, I just want a vintage wedding. Vintage weddings are absolutely the best. My brother says I'm very idealistic when I think about my favorite eras of history - my friend from speech team calls me a "history fangirl." Oh, well. Idealism is much more fun than realism. 

1953: Jacqueline & John Kennedy (Tumblr
Circa 1930: Poland (Flickr)
1967: Priscilla & Elvis Presley (Tumblr)

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