magical mystery tour

I give my regards to the New York Fashion Week hashtag on tumblr, being the addictive blogger I am. If you haven't been to http://milkmade.com/ yet, I suggest you go for the pure enjoyment you get out of avidly moving a bar back and forth to see the before and after beauty shots. Oh, and just staring at the Erin Fetherston collection and spending way too much time deciding what pictures to save for your blog. I hope you aren't dissatisfied by my choice in picture-saving and picture-posting.
I never really had any particular liking towards Erin Fetherston, but I don't feel the same way once I had a good look at her new collection. The collection is very in-touch with the celebrity culture of the 1960s, hence a floral shift dress named the "Mia dress". Of course everyone's quite familiar with my 60's obsession.

Notice the outstanding similarity between a Erin Fetherson floral print to the Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour prints. Alas, only a Beatles freak could make this comparison.

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