Return of the Rockstar

  I have deduced that either: A) My classic rock obsession has gone too far OR B) Miuccia Prada and I think alike. I assume that B is probably impossible considering that I am a mere mortal (while Miuccia Prada is not).
  I have grown quite fond of both the Prada and the Miu Miu collections namely for their bright pant suits with those patterns that you thought only existed on your math teacher's fractal posters. At first I had the impression of math textbooks that were made way before you were ever born (I particularly found pleasure in seeing who owned it before me!):

  The prints have the quality of those colors from the Prada collection, the mustard yellows and burnt orange. At the same time, the constant patterns seem geometrical. A cool idea that Prada seems to be poking at is the idea of fusing traditional silhouettes (synched waists) with technical, mathematical prints that are futuristic. While looking at the past, Prada still looks to the future.
    My rockstar obsession, however, kicked in and I couldn't help but think of a band's psychedelic phase, especially The Beatles:

  The colors especially apply for Miu Miu, namely the dense red. Note their reference to the scarf/tie hybrid of Pink Floyd.
  So, think of it this way: Prada is the well-to-do chemistry teacher while Miu Miu is the little sister who ran away to become a groupie.

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