to catch a thief.

finally, i have discovered the wonderful channel that is turner classic movies. so, yes, i was watching classic movies all thanksgiving long while i munched on yummy turkey and blabbed on black friday of my love for button downs {while still shopping for friends on the dreaded day when there is barely breathing room in some stores}.
to answer your questions on the pictures above, why, yes, i did watch to catch a thief. and yes, it was quite amazing. well, underestimating it a bit. every part of the movie, especially the costumes {all hail edith head!}, deserve an amazing on it's own.
the costumes were the same hint of classy 1950s, but this was a bit "classy people on vacation". what i really noticed was the amazing usage of full skirts and fitted waists to make your waistline gorgeous in the 1950s. there's not a scene when you can't land your eyes on a beautiful dress with a waistline i adore that could fit a women better. it's not as extreme as the 1800s' delicate and way too minute waistline, but it isn't the totally loose fit that's been the trending thing today. ah, how i love the delicate structures of the 1950s.
grace kelly's pink dress in the convertible with cary grant especially reminded me of the spring 2010 miu miu runway, this look in particular:

to make a math reference, the rotations on the dress are what really makes them similar. and the same careful structure of the waist as well.


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