nothing's better then a vintage baddie.

so the outsiders. the topic was stuck in my head to be up for a discussion for quite a while, as the outsiders film was the birth of my love for the 1980s, and the outsiders novel was the birth of my adoration of s.e. hinton. and even though i utterly loath everything the tabloids have to offer, the ONE GOOD THING tmz has provided for me in my life are these behind the scene pictures from the set of the outsiders. and let's get one thing straight: after seeing these pictures, i am not the biggest fan of high definition. low quality old pictures all the way!
ehem, now back to the point. so as the fashion freak who runs this blog {this is the purpose of the blog, to share my freakiness with people who will enjoy it}, i especially have a keen eye for the costumes in movies, and since we're talking about it, i especially paid attention to the costume design in the outsiders film. and may i say, i interpreted enough from the 1982 film that portrays the hot and bad 1967 greaser boys to make a paper doll. finally, my inspiration for paper dolls is back.
so the paper doll. it's a whole bunch of junk i interpreted from the film that i wanted to include. the model that i used, even though i was oh-so-iggnorant enough to forget her name as i sifted through vogue, is specifically one of the points of the paper doll. it was sort of a greaser girl kinda thing, how i would think of her. big earrings, big hair, lotta makeup.....you know what i'm talking about if you read the book. but the last thing i wanted her to be was sort of the cliche girl who's "different" from the greaser girls, you know, that mary sue that runs around the fanfiction world like crazy? yeah, hence why i immediately crumpled up the ugg australia add model i was about to use. the frizzy hair and the sort of dark lighting on her makes her the rawness i wanted. i didn't want it to be a flat-out greaser girl, with the neon makeup and the whole bandwagon, but sort of what a greaser guy would like like if he, persay, was a paper doll girl like this one. weird analyzation, but that's what i mean.
lace up boots inspired by tim shepard's boots. button down inspired by darry's. over the knee polka dot skirt inspired by cherry valance, except in a much more realism. and the coat, yeah, i thought that was absolute for a greaser. i dunno, another tim shepard? it also reminded me of john bender's, but that's not outsiders related, BUT IT'S STILL 80S FILM, RIGHT!?

mhm. so yeah.


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