so this whole vogue italia shoot is one of the best photo shoots i've come across in quite a while. it's not so "commercial" as some fashion magazines intend their photo shoots to be, and there's not a full statement that it's "pretty". it's implied...when you take a look at it for a good while. i thought it was a bit 1950s classic private school with a good mix of a 1970s high school.

but it's not in that totally "commercial" way. and i liked how they combined two different concepts, because usually when you first see the fall 2010 prada heels, you think that in a magazine, you need the 1950s cliche to pull it off in a way that seems presentable to readers. but this is so not presentable it is so presentable. and it's really cool. the hair and the collars in the photo shoot also reminded me of

in a way, it's also including this whole 1970s vibe that came from the spring 2011 runways.


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