after watching "night of the iguana" and "my favorite brunette" on tcm, there was one particular outfit piece that caught my eye the most: the classic button down. the button down has been worn from the 1950s on and on and on, and there are about a billion variations inhabiting wardrobes. it's a timeless classic that never really does go out of style, and, as the cheesy self help style books say, a "must have for your closet".
when the spring 2011 collections first came out, I especially adored the viktor & rolf collection because the button down is something that I wear at least once a week. my button downs are essential to my look, and of course, i am the princess born in the wrong decade, so it's one more way i could channel my inner audrey hepburn or marilyn monroe {yes, i like to do that}. you'd think that the button down was done in every way possible, until viktor & rolf came along and broke the barrier....like they break the barrier to everything.
every look held some variation of the button down {41 buttons downs, big and small people!} and above is just a couple of my favorite looks. and of course those four looks remind me of one classic in particular:

audrey hepburn, or her character holly golightly, who just arouse from her slumber by the ever-so-dashing writer played by george peppard.
of course, the button down dates back to men at the office, but since i like to search for the different in things like those, men who roof houses like an outsider:

darry curtis from the outsiders, being the outsiders fanatic i am. {he's wearing this dark greenish grey variation, if you look at it in color}
or of course, if you wanna see the modern, high fashion variation, leave it to benny horne in his photograph for rushh:

i never quite realized how much the button down really is a classic, and the last thing i like to do is repeat a million times in this ever-so-cliche fashion that "it's a must have for every wardrobe". even if it is....


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  1. I love a button down. I own a few, and like to wear them tucked into a skirt for work or a casual one over a bikini at the beach during summer.