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Quite a lot has gone down in Fashion Week past, and God knows I'm pretty much bouncing out of my chair for the rest of the shows. But, alas, Prada Fall/Winter 2011 has made the season such a beauty to me. The boots were absolutely all my dreams come true. I looks like a Mary Jane with some pretty funky socks tucked in, but it's a boot. I covet them with a passion:

Of course, these and many other details of the collection was reminiscent of the '60s:

The way the models clutched the bags suggested to me a girlish ladylike, a youthful form of classy which I just found refreshing. The whole collection seemed other-worldly, and somehow Miuccia translated the '60s into something very modern and youthful but still a sense of class. The collection had a sense of the evolution of the modern woman, who started experimenting with colors (hence the striking yet simple color palette) and silhouettes (the past two collections were very fitted, especially Fall 2010, which went for the curviest possible). The woman had a sense of independence going into the sixties, and since women were making a path in their own careers, I thought the aviation-like hat on some of the models was reminiscent of Amelia Earhart. Although she disappeared in 1937, she is a figure that holds a strong representation of the independent woman.
Hm, I think that Prada's past three collections were really a time travel: from the 50s (Fall 2010), to the "summer vacation" of 1960 (Spring 2011), to finally a mid-sixties sort of vibe (Fall 2011).

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