the prada musings

A dreamlike, summery moodboard was made above due to the overwhelming new thought I've been having on Prada after the last before last post (http://pinkonthespot.blogspot.com/2011/02/my-collection-obsession.html). I love how the collections progress between each other, and the spring is definitely a collection I've had some new ideas on. It's "1960 summer"-like, the collection, and is almost as if we peak into the dreams of a woman at the time: ready to let go but not quite free. It is like the summer before she transforms but yet very dreamlike, like a woman's dream, in particular. That's what the 1960's were for women: they broke free and really did "live their dreams". I think fashion takes powerful messages from the pasts and pairs them with a modern sophistication to make something new and improved, but not necessarily disregarding the old-fashioned. From looking at past covers of Vogue, particularly from the 1960's, the similarities between them and the new Prada collection may be a couple, but Miuccia paired the classic with something timeless, new, and youthful:

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