spring fever

Yes, the spring fever has finally struck. No, it's not the fabulously warm weather from last week or the peach juice from Eataly (which are quite scrumptious). It's probably the huge load of March 2011 fashion magazines that I've been collecting (as if I don't have enough already). So, to serenade spring fashion and summarize all my thoughts on it, I made the collage above. You know me, I like so many pictures that I just have to cut them all out and make something pretty. So, my somewhat "theme" for Spring 2011 is the "Housewife turned Rebel". It may sound stupid but...you know what I mean!


  1. Hi Nicole! It's Rose :D I finally got a blog! yay! I love ur style in urs though. Keep on bloggin! :)
    Rose xx

  2. hola nikki its anna and yes i got a blog too!!its pretty boring rite now but plz check it out!! oh and fallow me!! XD XP :D