patern play [preferably nylon]

So this is inspired by a 1961 cover girl add with loads of pretty polka dots..SO I thought I would never be the one who would a Nylon magazine fan, but after a quick flip through an issue I bought "for experiment", I realized that I'm just starving for the next issue. At first I thought I would just stick to Teen Vogue and swat away Nylon like a cheap-looking logo bag. After the May 2010 issue, Nylon has became a favorite of mine. It will only take one more issue to get it to my top favorite....so, in conclusion, peace, fashion, anddddd

Back to the paper doll then...I've been experiencing a sudden interest in patterns (to put it scientifically, or I could just say...PATTERNS ARE AWESOME! but that'll be too boring...am I right?) But what really blows my mind that just a month or so ago I blew off my cash mindlessly on some awesome dresses and tops with either vertical or horizontal stripes, since I was tired of the plaid trend that was going around at that moment. And all of a sudden, a month later, stripes are what people are wearing...grrr. Just a while ago I almost went cross-eyed with all the plaid...now stripes? I can just see the smile on Coco's face:

Thank god people got over plaid. It was getting pretty annoying. So, are my paper doll skills getting better? More dollys later, pinky swear!


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  1. That paper doll is so cute!