hot tea and chanel no. 5 soap

I was fortunate to get a bar for myself along with new ballet shoes...how lucky am I? Ballet and Chanel....the best combo, I must say. Now if only Karl Lagerfeld designed our recital costumes I just might be in absolute bliss...
I must be the number one Chanel fan, because I keep every box and every piece of wrapping of anything chanel and bring it to sum kind of use: the Chanel logo sticker is stuck on my nightstand, I take the time to admire my Chanel perfume every day, and guess who wears her Chanel ribbon to school every day along with her watch made in Switzerland. *raises hand* Yup, and I'm known for being that weird at school.
I also am taking the habit of wearing ribbon every day: in my hair, on my hands, as a choker (I asked my friend to tie it for me because of the absolute difficulty...but mark my words, I love it!). Chanel ribbon is my good luck charm, I don't need any four leaf clovers!
But don't worry, I'm not desperate enough to go to the Chanel department of Bloomingdale's and ask for 3 yards of Chanel ribbon...my ribbon is perfectly good as it is.
So, what color tommorrow? Chanel (black and white) or a pink ribbon?


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