caution! i am currently chanel crazy!

It all started with my most generous best friend Pamela getting me these awesome ads that I was dying for, so credit to her for the amazing pics! (air kisses to you, darling!)
Ever since I heard that Chanel was off to shoot ads in Spain (i have my sources...particularly the Chanel News on chanel.com that i have the habit of checking every day). Chanel is so versatile now adays...from barnyard, to iceberg, but the Spanish-esque theme is my favorite so far! The first most noticeable part on the model is the Spanish hats which reminds me too fondly of Pepito from Madeline ("He's a bad hat!").
Up in the middle picture, I really love the way the sweater was knitted, like a homemade and yet again, Spanish style. The warm embroidery on the guy's jacket is amazing, and you can't be Spanish with out pointy leather shoes and buckles on the bottom of your pants, can you?
In the top picture, the chipped paint looks so imperfect it's perfect (one of my favorite things in fashion in general is in that case scenario) and I almost want to hop into the picture and go bull fighting with some Chanel models.
Sorry for the bent corner in the last picture, these ads suffered a long journey to home in my messenger bag, so forgive. Anyhow, the last picture is really the best of both worlds: a classic white Chanel tweed skirt and jacket with a Spanish-style hat. The ankle boots make me squeal in this one!!!!!
I'll have more amazing Miu Miu in a bit...
Now excuse me while I go bull fighting with Chanel models.


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