tell me you don't like burberry and there will be problems

Ah, Burberry....I can't stand but love them these past couple seasons. They've taken all their classics and made something so unbelievably special about them. Each season keeps getting better and better for them, and I must say they've created an amazing Resort 2011.
Everyone's been packing away the edgy, I got tired of it too, but they've made something so great that people aren't tired of edgy anymore. Because, you have to admit, it was getting tiresome to see all black stillettos and black eyeliner in your favorite magazine, it get's quite too much.
But alas, Burberry has overdone it but made it look good. Made it look fresh. I'm quite sorry, but unless you enjoy wearing leather jackets for the rest of the year, you must've been tired of the edgy trend.
Hello, Burberry. Edgy is now classy. Edgy is now diversified better. Edgy now looks cooler then it did before. So, kudos to Burberry, huh? I think so.


P.S. Also kudos to my first review of a resort collection? :)
P.S.S. Log on to style.com for all the collections, I'm quite sure there are a lot.

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