Viva la Revolution!

  The Spring 2013 Chanel Couture: the most exciting I've seen in a while. Usually couture shows are too hyped up for my liking and there's no point of even writing about them - but this show was excellent. I love how collections can always somehow correlate to what I'm studying in history at the moment - or may that just be my combined obsession of history and fashion? Either way, this Chanel show was cool. Karl Lagerfeld usually preaches about his own shows - but this show was worthy to preach about.
  I found this constant aesthetic of post-French Revolution ghosts of noblewomen coming back to haunt Versailles. Those unkempt feather headdresses combined with their messy hair felt like the aftermath of the French revolution, and, even better, when viewed from the side the headwear acted as if they were floating ghosts, especially the white one. Nobody who was part of the revolution saw the eyes of the noblewomen - they didn't understand their state of mind as they lived in the lap of luxury. It made the revolutionaries feel as if they were advancing if they slashed off their heads at the guillotine - they were hungry and finally fed. The nobles were fed and were abruptly starved. The different paradigms of people during a revolution are interesting to explore.
  The whole psychology of a revolution and its stages are probably some of the most intriguing parts of studying history - probably why I'm attracted to it so much.

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