spring 2011 runway: the good, the fads, and the fabulous

And even though the runways have been swarmed with 60s fashion and those Asian influences, can this season's hair truly be honed by a Johnathan Saunders 40s prom queen or a Prada 30s flapper?
I am {or perhaps was..?} a firm believer in the simplicity of hair. I have always been the type of girl who washed her hair every day but don't go overboard with it with a BRAND NEW HAIRDO EVERYONE HAS {curse you, deadly side bangs!}.
This season, though, I just wished that Guido Palau could work for me and give me those TO DIE FOR VINTAGE HAIRSTYLES {vintage. hairstyles. people.}. *sigh* Only runways serve as propaganda to hypnotize me in a love of hair....
But I'm too chicken to cut my hair.


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